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About Us

Who                               A group of creative people who believe that the sky is the limit.

Why   Because we are guilty of it all; art, passion, vision, creativity, belief, diversity...
"Whatever you are doing in life put your heart in it and love it, you will shine" by Yehya Saade
                                   An installation of creative experienced talents, services and young ambitions combine to deliver the vision for your inspiration.
VISION                    The Legacy all over again.
 The school of thought, art, passion and vision; whose foundation was created “by Yehya Saade” 
 to spread its wings over the world.
MISSION   World meets World, Business meets art, Diversity meets freedom.
Our Mission is to make a difference and make it count.
We believe that art should meet the commercial and business world
in a certain dimension that keeps its standards and vision,
but at the same time reaches the mass population.
“Art exists to make people dream” by Yehya Saade 

Privacy Policy

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