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November, 24 2018
etisalat - Tawdheef 2020
February, 19 2020
text here... Continue Reading
eitsalat - GITEX 2019
October, 07 2019
etisalat GITEX stand 2019 ... Continue Reading
November, 23 2018
BIG 5 - 2018... Continue Reading
September, 26 2018
the team of over the world is starting a new adventure with a residential villa design ! ... keep up to date with the news to see our progress Continue Reading
5 IN BIG 5
January, 17 2018
5 IN BIG 5... Continue Reading
ICC Garage - Our Work is done !
February, 09 2020
Alqouz, Dubai, UAE - December 2017 - Our Work is done ! keep up to date with the ICC garage Photos... keep up to date with the Photos! Continue Reading
Muna Noor Showroom
December, 15 2017
Alqouz, Dubai, UAE- December 2017... Proud to have designed and executed the Muna Noor showroom in Dubai. Inspired by the fabrication of pipes, comes an artistic view of the showroom which is in the last phases. To be openning very soon. Continue Reading
PAPIER DE POUDRE - December 2017
December, 15 2017
The esteemed makeup artist Fady Kataya reveals his latest creation, Papier De Poudre - the makeup book.... The esteemed makeup artist Fady Kataya reveals his latest creation, Papier De Poudre - the makeup book.
Designed by Over the world, proud to be part of the journey that holds in the folds of its pages a tribute to your beautiful soul and eternal art. With passion and love from our hearts to yours Yehya Saade. Papier de Poudre will be available in bookstores and online starting Dec 21st 2017
Continue Reading
Charbel Karam - Collection 2017/2018
June, 10 2017
Light House Studio, Dubai - UAE ...  Soon Designer Charbel Karam - Collection 2017/2018 - with the esteemed fashion and star photographer Carine Badr, execution by Over the world. A special thanks to Christian kasha.
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